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At MLI, we are dedicated to working with one of the Earth's most spectacular resources in creating our quality wood products.

Attention to detail, state of the art technology, and a customer service level that is second to none are key elements towards exceeding our clients' expectations. Ranging from the simply elegant to the intricately ornate, our wood products are created to enhance any home or business decor. We not only strive to deliver a superior product, we also provide our customers with courteous, professional and efficient service.

architectural model
Architectural Model
naval aviation commemorative plaque - high flight poem
10 1/2" x 13" art plaque
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3-D engraved images
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lighthouse laser engraved on wood deer laser engraved on wood
roses engraved on wood from original hand-drawn pencil art sea life in ocean setting - decorative engraving on wood
grape vine laser engraving on wood


Aztec Calendar (2" Tall) 3-D Christmas cards and ornaments Linear Shading Engraving
aztec calendar laser cut and engraved on wood christmas cards and ornaments laser engraved from wood sail ship wall art engraved on wood

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