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Architectural Acrylic Wood Natural Stone Tile and BRICK Glass and Mirror What's New

Tile and BRICK

Wolf laser engraved on tile

High-Definition Photo Tile

is now available!

Any image, from a photograph, illustration, or pattern artwork, etc., can now be permanently embedded in tile, with no loss of tile surface characteristics and durability.

(4 1/4 " tiles shown; Other colors and sizes are also available)

Photo tile - vine design laser engraved on tile

saying - live well love much laugh often - laser engraved on tile
  Roses image laser engraved on tile
(click to enlarge.)
artistic photo image of glass laser engraved on tile little girl portrait laser engraved on tile
Family recipe laser engraved on kitchen tile


Metal floor tiles laser engraved MLI-Laser is proud to offer Genuine Metal Tiles.
There is simply no substitute for the look and feel of authentic stainless steel, copper, and zinc. Whether you choose to have them laser engraved or not, their superior durability makes metal tiles an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications.

kitchen metal countertop kitchen with metal tiles on wall
metail tiles samples
(4" and 6" tiles shown; Other metals, finishes, sizes and shapes are also available)
phrase laser engraved on metal tile star symbol engraved on metal tile
metal tiles laser engraved
4" x 8"
Red Clay Brick
red clay brick laser engraved
Quarry Tile
quarry tile laser etched
15 1/4 "
Porcelain Tile
porcelain tile laser engraved

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